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Our Nurse Consultants' Home Health Provider Specialty Services

  •Our organization consist of a group of healthcare professionals with a combined 45-years of experience from across the medical market place which we can offer to our clients as applicable, while assisting them towards reaching their own specific healthcare provider type business goals.

Consultant Services that we offer includes, but are not limited to;

Each of our active contracted  home health provider clients- will have access to our professional Quality Assurance clinical staff team who are each ready to provide services that must be implemented to ensure regulatory compliance by state licensure. Why not trust our consultant team to assist your management staff to a ongoing readiness status.

  • An individualized overview/checklist for your healthcare provider type organization's day-to-day operations is required to ensure consistency with meeting the ongoing compliance with your state's licensing standards and guidelines.
  • Home Health Clinical Training (as indicated for new start-ups and existing Home Health agencies)
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals (Initial & Continued Update Maintenance Services) includes- 

  1. Administrative P&P 2. Pediatric Specialty P&P 3. Provider Assistance Services P&P

  • Home Healthcare State & Federal Regulatory Compliance Coaching
  • Assistance to set up and track agency's patient & employee Infection & Exposure Control Programs
  • Assistance to set up and track  & monitor for agency's Incident & Complaints ongoing compliance
  • Assistance to set up and implement the agency's Emergency Preparedness Response Plan (with required annual Staff Training Program)
  • Assistance with facilitation of the state's annual Regulatory Staff Compliance Training (includes the required Staff Pledged)
  • Assistance to set up and implement the required HIPAA privacy staff training
  • Pediatric Private Duty Nursing Job Skills Competency Evaluation & Validations Checkoff 
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual QAPI (Quality Assurance Improvement Performance) Reports  
  • Monthly Clinical Record Reviews (Patient/Clients)
  • Admit & Discharge Chart Audits with written reports
  • OASIS - outcome monitoring
  • Employee/Contract Staff Training and In-services

Contact us- by phone or email, to discuss which of our many consultant services, that we can assist your organization with almost anywhere in the United State and to enhance your day to- day operations. 

Individualized Provider Attention

 Our contracted clients will have access to agency specific policy & procedure updates, CMS  updates and to their state's operations manual revisions.

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We also provide ;

  • Online clinical documentation reviews
  • On site local clinical record reviews
  • OASIS- tracking to help prevent non-payment of submit ADR's

Announce coming events

  •  provider care assistance training on updates with merging of HMO's and State visit verification & billings

Real Customer Reviews

  • Can be provided upon request, during a  potential client's scheduled Nurse Consultant's appointment.

We assist with In-services;

  • by preparing topic contents & handouts
  • by facilitating the state's regulatory staff Compliance Training  (annually)

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  • Specialty Home Care Provider Service Start-up assistance (Pediatric  Private Duty Nursing, PCS/PHC/PAS) services

Our Consultant Services

  • has had a 99% successful client satisfaction rate over the last 10 or more years.